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UNIT 1, IC Speaking, Talking about ability and asking for permission, page 6

Exercise 1 

1 piano 

2 guitar 

3 drums 

4 flute 

5 violin

6 clarinet 

7 saxophone 

8 trumpet


Exercise 2

2 Marie can speak Chinese. 

3 Mason can ride a bike.

4 Ted and Sophie can play football. 

5 Marie and Sophie can’t play the violin. 

6 Ted can’t speak Chinese.


Exercise 3

2 Can Marie play the violin? No, she can’t.

3 Can Sophie and Mason ride a bike? Yes, they can.

4 Can Marie and Mason speak Chinese? Yes, they can.

5 Can Mason play football? No, he can’t.


Exercise 4

b Can I borrow a pencil? 

c Can I share your book?

d Can I copy your answer? 

e Can I use your dictionary?

f Can I borrow £1?


2 b

3 f

4 d

5 c

6 e


Exercise 5

2 I can/can’t sing.

3 I can/can’t dance.

4 I can/can’t ski

5 I can/can’t ride a horse.

6 I can/can’t speak French.

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