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UNIT 1, 1A Vocabulary, Family, page 8

Exercise 1

2 uncle 

3 grandparents 

4 sister 

5 grandfather

6 cousins 

7 niece 

8 granddaughter 

9 nephew


Exercise 2

1 mother’s / father’s mother 

2 mother’s / father’s sister

3 brother’s / sister’s daughters


Exercise 3

1 mother’s,


2 sister’s,


3 son’s,


4 father’s, wife’s,



Exercise 4

1 a 

2 b 

3 b


Exercise 5

2 Ben is Anna’s cousin. 

3 Joanna is Rob’s grandmother.

4 Mark is Ben’s uncle. 

5 Rob is Lucy’s nephew. 

6 Zak is Emma’s husband. 

7 Sam is Andy’s father. 

8 Amelia is Ellie’s mother. 

9 Anna is Ellie’s sister. 

10 Sam is Rob’s grandfather.


Exercise 6 LISTENING 1.04

Tim That’s a nice photo. Is that your dad?

Anna No, it isn’t. That’s Zak, my uncle. He’s my mum’s brother. And that’s his son, Ben.

Tim So Ben is your cousin.

Anna That’s right. And Ben has got a sister, Grace.

Tim And is that Grace in the photo?

Anna No, that’s me! But that isn’t my mum, it’s my aunt, Emma.

She’s Zak’s wife.

Tim Where are your brother and sister?

Anna My brother isn’t there. Ellie is behind the camera.




Exercise 7

Left to right: Emma, Anna, Ben, Zak

Інші завдання дивись тут...