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UNIT 1, 1G Speaking, Describing people, page 14

Exercise 1

1 short, dark, glasses 

2 fair, beard, moustache


Exercise 2 LISTENING 1.07

Photo C

1 She’s got dark hair.

2 She’s got long hair.

3 She’s got curly hair.

Photo D

1 She’s got medium-length hair.

2 She’s got straight hair.

3 She’s got dark hair.


Photo C:

2 She hasn’t got long hair. She’s got short hair.

3 She hasn’t got curly hair. She’s got straight hair

Photo D:

1 She hasn’t got medium-length hair. She’s got long hair.

2 She hasn’t got straight hair. She’s got curly hair.

3 She hasn’t got dark hair. She’s got fair hair.


Exercise 4 LISTENING 1.08

Boy Where’s Marcus?

Girl I don’t know. Who is Marcus?

Boy Oh, you don’t know him?

Girl  No.

Boy Oh, there he is.

Girl  Where?

Boy Over there, at the table.

Girl  With curly, dark hair?

Boy No, with short, dark hair and a white T-shirt.

Girl  Oh, yes. I see him. He looks nice.

Boy He is. He’s in my class at school. Do you want to meet him?

Girl  Maybe later. So, who’s the boy with curly dark hair?

Boy That’s George.

Girl  And who’s that next to Marcus? The girl with the long, dark hair.

Boy There are two girls with long dark hair. The girl on his right is Camilla. And the girl on the other side, next to George, is Zoe.


Left to right: Camilla, Marcus, Zoe, George

Інші завдання дивись тут...