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UNIT 2, 2D Grammar, Adverbs of frequency; question words, page 23

Exercise 1

1 always 

2 usually 

3 often 

4 sometimes 

5 hardly ever 

6 never


Exercise 2

1 School always starts at 8.30. 

2 Matt never does the washing. 

3 I’m sometimes tired in science lessons. 

4 My parents hardly ever work on Sundays. 

5 We are often thirsty after P.E. lessons. 

6 You usually sit next to me.


Exercise 5

1 How do you get to school?

2 What do you want to do this evening?

3 How many brothers and sisters have you got?

4 When is your birthday?

5 Where do you live?

6 How often do you play computer games?

7 What time do you usually go to bed?

8 Whose skateboard is this?

9 Which do you prefer, cola or lemonade?

10 Why have you got a scarf, hat and gloves?

11 Who is your maths teacher?


Exercise 6

a 5 


c 1 

d 10 


f 8 

g 2 

h 9 

i 4 

j 11 

k 6


Exercise 7

1 What time do you usually get up? 

2 How do you get home from school?

3 What do you usually have for lunch?

4 Who do you usually see at weekends?

5 What do you usually do on Friday evening?

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