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UNIT 2, 2G Speaking, Giving advice, page 26

Exercise 1

1 shouldn’t sit 

2 should go 

3 should wear

4 shouldn’t answer 

5 shouldn’t swim 

6 should go


Exercise 2 

2 We should go to the park.

3 You should go home now.

4 I should finish my homework.

5 You shouldn’t skateboard in the road.

6 We shouldn’t listen to music.


Exercise 3 

1 something 

2 course 

3 problem 

4 see 

5 do

6 tell 

7 that 

8 right


Exercise 4 LISTENING 1.16

1. Boy Hi! How are you?

Girl Not great.

Boy Oh, dear.

Girl Can I ask your advice about something?

Boy Yes, of course. What is it?

Girl Well, I’m really angry with my brother. He never helps with the housework at home.

Boy Oh, dear!

Girl So I have to do more housework.

Boy That’s not fair.

Girl So what should I do? When I talk to him, he just laughs.

Boy You should talk to your parents.

Girl Really?

Boy Yes. Tell them how you feel.

Girl You’re right. Thanks.


2 Girl Hi! How are you?

Boy I’m OK. But I’m worried about the school show.

Girl Oh, dear. Why?

Boy Because I don’t know my words! And the show is next week!

Girl You should learn them!

Boy I can’t learn them. My memory isn’t very good.

Girl I know. You should practise your words with me.

Boy What do you mean?

Girl You should say your words to me. And I can do all the other parts.

Boy Yes, that’s a good idea. Thanks very much!

Girl No problem. Let’s start today, after school!


3 Boy Hello! Are you OK?

Girl Not really.

Boy What’s the problem?

Girl I’m not in the school volleyball team this year.

Boy Oh, no!

Girl I’m really sad about it. I’m usually the captain!

Boy So why aren’t you in the team?

Girl I don’t know. Perhaps the new sports teacher doesn’t like me.

Boy I think you should talk to her.

Girl Really? Are you sure?

Boy Yes. Perhaps it’s a mistake.

Girl Yes, that’s possible. Hey, thanks.


1 angry, brother, parents 

2 worried, show, words

3 sad, team, teacher

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