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UNIT 3, 3C Listening, Catwalk fashion, page 32

Exercise 1

1 baggy 

2 casual 

3 dark 

4 light 

5 long 

6 longsleeved

7 patterned 

8 plain 

9 short 

10 shortsleeved

11 smart 

12 tight


Exercise 2 

1 father 

2 parent 

3 lesson 

4 address

5 tattoo 

6 moustache 

7 basketball 

8 teenager

9 grandfather 

10 eraser 

11 apartment 

12 together

13 introduce 

14 afternoon 

15 lemonade


Exercise 3 LISTENING 1.18 

1 leggings guitar

2 repeat complete

3 remember together

4 brother moustache

5 exercise already

6 parent borrow

7 kangaroo referee

8 afternoon evening

9 unload trainers


2 S 


4 D 

5 D 




9 D


Exercise 4

1 computing 

2 musician 

3 beginning 

4 answer

5 complete 

6 along


Exercise 5 LISTENING 1.19 

Millie Hey, Tanya, where are you? We’re all here at the party. We’re waiting for you!

Tanya I’m still at home!

Millie It’s seven twenty-five. Why are you so late?

Tanya Because I can’t decide what outfit to wear! I’m sitting in my bedroom and all my clothes are on the floor, on the bed, everywhere. But I’ve got nothing to wear!

Millie Tanya, don’t be silly. You’ve got lots of nice clothes. Come on, hurry up.

Tanya What kind of party is it? What’s everybody wearing? What are you wearing?

Millie Well, I’m wearing a new dress. It’s short and blue, but it isn’t smart. I’m wearing my brown boots with it.

Tanya Well, that sounds nice. Are people wearing casual or smart clothes?

Millie Well, it’s a mixture. Anna and Denise are wearing jeans with black tops and smart shoes. Jake is wearing a white shirt with his black jacket. They look fantastic together – except he’s wearing purple shorts! You know the crazy clothes he wears.

Tanya I do.

Millie Greg is wearing a sweatshirt – the same as he wears every day. Oh, and Amy’s wearing a patterned pink and green dress. She thinks it’s attractive, but it’s horrible. So, stop worrying. It doesn’t matter what you wear. Just get dressed and come to Lucy’s house now! You’ve got fifteen minutes. I want to dance!

Tanya OK, OK. Look, help me. You know my clothes. Just tell me what to choose.

Millie Right. Wear your blue jeans and trainers …

Tanya I always wear jeans and trainers. I can’t wear them again!

Millie OK, wear a black skirt, boots and your silver top.

Tanya Thanks! Wonderful idea!

Millie OK. Just hurry up!



2 a 

3 b 

4 c 

5 c


Exercise 6 

1 2 



4 2 

5 2 

6 2 

7 1 

8 2 

9 1 

10 2

11 1 

12 3


Exercise 7

It’s seven twenty-five.

2 Because I can’t decide what outfit to wear!

3 They look fantastic together.

4 She thinks it’s attractive, but it’s horrible.

5 I always wear jeans and trainers. I can’t wear them again!

6 Thanks! Wonderful idea!

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