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UNIT 3, 3D Grammar, page 33

Exercise 1

1 present simple 

2 present continuous 

3 present continuous 

4 present simple 

5 present simple


Exercise 2


b 2 

c 1 

d 5 




h 2


Exercise 3

1 are you doing 

2 ’m sitting 

3 ’m drinking 

4 makes

5 often come 

6 ’m waiting 

7 don’t understand

8 need 

9 is coming


Exercise 4 

1 Tom often wears trainers to school, but today he’s wearing shoes.

2 We’re watching a DVD at the moment, but we watch TV most evenings.

3 I usually have a sandwich for lunch, but today I’m having some soup.

4 My mum works in an office in Manchester, but this month she’s working in Glasgow.

5 It hardly ever snows here, but it is snowing at the moment.

6 Jason and Tilly are tidying their bedrooms right now, but they usually tidy them at the weekend.


Exercise 5 

1 do, prefer 

2 ’s having 

3 don’t like 

4 don’t know

5 is singing 

6 is, laughing, ’s watching


Exercise 6 

1 Do you want an ice cream?

2 Right now I’m doing my homework.

4 Josh and Sam hate maths.

6 I sometimes play the guitar in my bedroom.

7 It sometimes rains a lot in Scotland.

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