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UNIT 3, 3G Speaking, Making arrangements, page 36

Exercise 1

1 Do you fancy going bowling on Saturday?

2 what about Sunday?

3 Shall I come to your house and pick you up on the way?

4 What time?

5 How about 2.30?


Exercise 2

1 cards 

2 computer games 

3 football 

4 ice skating

5 swimming 

6 a café 

7 the beach 

8 a walk

9 dinner 

10 friends


Exercise 3

1. Do you fancy + -ing

2.  Shall we + infinitive without to

3. Why don’t we + infinitive without to

4. How about + -ing

5 Let’s + infinitive without to


Exercise 4 


1 Cool.

2 Great idea.

3 That sounds fun.

4 Yes, I’d love to.


1 I’m afraid I can’t

2 No, thanks.

3 Sorry, but I’m busy.


Exercise 5 LISTENING 1.20

Lottie Hi, Sam.

Sam Hi, Lottie.

Lottie Fred and I are going ice skating on Friday evening. Do you want to come too?

Sam No, thanks. I don’t really enjoy ice skating.

Lottie Well, what are you doing on Saturday evening? Shall we go out then?

Sam I’m afraid I can’t. We’ve got relatives staying. But I’m free on Saturday morning. The new Bradley Cooper film is out. Do you fancy going to the cinema?

Lottie Yes, I’d love to.

Sam OK, let’s meet at the cinema at 10.30.

Lottie Cool.

Sam And we can have lunch in a café after.

Lottie That sounds fun.

Sam OK. See you on Saturday.

Lottie See you.


1 he doesn’t like ice skating 

2 Saturday morning

3 the cinema 

4 after the film


Exercise 6

Agreeing: Cool. That sounds fun. Yes, I’d love to. 

Declining: I’m afraid I can’t No, thanks. 


Exercise 7

The present continuous


UNIT 3, 3H Writing, An email, page 37

Exercise 1

1 to 

2 for 

3 from 

4 wishes 

5 things 

6 of 

7 to

8 soon


Exercise 2

1 How are things? / Thanks for your email.

2 That’s all from me.

3 Best wishes / Give my love to your parents. / Say ‘Hi’ to your sister. / Lots of love


Exercise 3

but, or, so


Exercise 4

1 and / so 

2 but 

3 because 

4 and 

5 or 

6 and


Exercise 5

1 say what you are doing now

2 suggest an activity to do together

3 talk about a future arrangement 

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