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UNIT 3, Exam Skills Trainer 2, page 40-41

Exercise 1

A you, your

B them

C them

D you

E They

F you

G you

H your, they


Exercise 2

1 C

2 G

3 A

4 F

5 H

6 B

7 D


Exercise 3



Exercise 4 LISTENING  1.21

1 Now, I have a number of announcements today. The first is about your uniforms. I know we usually say you have to wear your long-sleeved shirts until 1st May, but this year it’s getting hot already. So, from Monday – that’s this Monday, 15 April – you can wear your short-sleeved shirts to school. I’m sure you’ll be more comfortable with those. Moving on …


2 Sean Mum, have you seen my jumper?

Mum Which jumper’s that, Sean?

Sean My school jumper. I can’t find it anywhere!

Mum Well, is it in your bedroom?

Sean No, I’ve looked there.

Mum How about on the chair in the bathroom?

Sean No! It isn’t there, either!

Mum What about your bag? Is it in your schoolbag?

Sean I’ll have a look. Yes, great! Thanks a lot, Mum. See you later.

Mum Bye, then. Have a good day at school.


3 Karl Rita, what do you think about school uniforms? Do you think they’re necessary?

Rita Um, yes I do, Karl. The idea is that all the students are the same with a uniform. I think that’s a good thing. Karl Hmmm, I’m not so sure. The students in my class really don’t like it. They want to choose their own clothes. I kind of understand them, really.


4 With only two weeks of the summer holidays left, it’s time to think about going back to school. And you probably need a new uniform! Where better to buy it than at Uniforms 4U. We’ve got a special offer of two-for-theprice-of-one on all our skirts and trousers. So come and get your uniform at Uniforms 4U – you won’t regret it!



2 B 

3 C 



Exercise 5 

1 are 

2 isn’t 

3 does 

4 aren’t 

5 don’t


Exercise 6 

1 isn’t 

2 in 

3 to 

4 aren’t 

5 is 

6 can 

7 have

8 do 

9 difficult / expensive 

10 doesn’t


Exercise 7 

1 B 




5 C


Exercise 9 

1 Hi / Hello 

2 I hope you’re well. 

3 That’s all from me.

4 Call me next week. 

5 That’s all for now. / That’s all from me. 

6 Ask your parents.

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