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UNIT 4, 4A Vocabulary, Are you hungry?, page 42

Exercise 1

1 bread 

2 apples 

3 pasta 

4 cheese 

5 cucumber

6 sausages 

7 tomatoes 

8 lettuce 

9 pineapple

10 onions 

11 carrots 

12 melon


Exercise 2 

1 beef 

2 lamb 

3 mushrooms 

4 rice 

5 sandwiches

6 crisps 

7 strawberries 

8 olives 

9 chicken

10 lemons 

11 peppers 

12 prawns


Exercise 3 LISTENING 1.22 

1 Jack and Mary

Jack Come on, hurry up. We need to buy some lunch quickly.

Mary I know, I know. Where are the snacks?

Jack Over here, come on. So, here are the sandwiches.

Mary OK. Two sandwiches. And some crisps?

Jack Yes, great. Ooh … and olives.

Mary I don’t like olives.

Jack Well I do. You can choose something different.

Mary Strawberries! They look really nice.

Jack OK! Let’s go!


2 Leo and Darcy

Leo What do we need? What’s for dinner?

Darcy We need fish. It’s over here.

Leo What else? Potatoes?

Darcy Yes, potatoes. And we need a vegetable.

Leo Potatoes are a vegetable!

Darcy A green vegetable!

Leo OK. Peas?

Darcy Fine. Get some peas. Oh, and we need cheese too.

Leo Cheese? With fish?

Darcy No. The cheese is for your sandwiches tomorrow.


3 Arthur and Megan

Megan What are you planning for dinner?

Arthur Curry, I think. I need lamb – and beef.

Megan Lamb and beef?

Arthur For two different dishes, yes.

Megan Is that all?

Arthur No, I need mushrooms too.

Megan OK. They’re over there, with the vegetables.

Arthur And rice.

Megan OK, let’s get the rice first. Then the mushrooms.


4 Finley and Amber

Amber What do we need for the barbecue?

Finley We need chicken. It’s here, look.

Amber And what about some other meat?

Finley This beef looks nice.

Amber OK. We have to get some peppers too, one of each colour.

Finley And we have to buy prawns. I love prawns on a barbecue!

Amber Me too.

Finley We need lemons, of course. You can’t have prawns without lemons.

Amber OK, where are the lemons?

Finley The fruit is over there, by the  door. Come on!


1 B

2 (does not match any of the lists)

3 A

4 C


Exercise 4

fish, potatoes, peas, cheese 


Exercise 5



Exercise 5 LISTENING 1.23

Waiter Can I help you?

Guest Oh, hello. Can I order some breakfast, please?

Waiter  Of course. What can I get for you?

Guest  Some cereal, please. With milk.

Waiter  Certainly. Anything else?

Guest  Yes. Can I have some toast?

Waiter  Toast. Yes. With butter and jam?

Guest  Yes, please.

Waiter  Any eggs?

Guest  Eggs? No, thank you. Just cereal and toast.

Waiter  And would you like some tea or some coffee?

Guest  No, thanks. Just orange juice.

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