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UNIT 4, 4C Listening, Eating in the wild!, page 44

Exercise 1



3 b


Exercise 2 LISTENING 1.24

1 Steve is in the bathroom.

2 Where is the milk?

3 When’s your birthday?

4 Give me a sandwich.

5 Go to bed!

6 Kate can ride a bike.


1 Steve, bathroom 

2 Where, milk 

3 When’s, birthday

4 Give, sandwich 

5 Go, bed 

6 Kate, ride, bike


Exercise 3 LISTENING 1.25

1 Liam can swim.

2 Put them on the table.

3 Where’s the salt?

4 That’s an apple.

5 Juan’s from Spain.

6 Here’s some water.


1 can 

2 them 

3 the 

4 an 

5 from 

6 some

The words are unstressed.


Exercise 4 LISTENING 1.26


Interviewer Stacey, you are a wild forager. What exactly do you do?

Stacey I go with my friends and we look for food in the forest.

Interviewer Why do you do that?

Stacey  Well, we believe that we can eat what is already there. We grow too much food and it isn’t good for the environment. We study plants and find food that is good to eat in the wild.

Interviewer Is that a safe thing to do?

Stacey  Yes, it is, if you are careful. You can’t eat it if you don’t know what it is. We study all of the plants very carefully first. Then we taste them. And we learn how to cook them too. It’s easy, and it’s fun!

Interviewer And how often do you collect this kind of food?

Stacey  We go to the countryside most weekends in spring, summer and autumn.

Interviewer And what kind of food do you like?

Stacey  Lots of things … I love mushrooms. There are so many different kinds of mushrooms and they are delicious! I also love the different leaves and fruit of some plants. They are very healthy. And you can’t buy any of them in the supermarket!

Interviewer Do you do any shopping for food?

Stacey  Yes, of course. All the time. You can’t find everything in the countryside. But we eat lots of wild salads in the summer!

Interviewer Can you go anywhere to collect food?

Stacey  No, you can’t go to nature reserves and you can’t collect special plants. And we never collect too many plants. That’s bad for the environment.

Interviewer Do your friends and family like your wild food?

Stacey  Of course they do – it’s tasty, it’s good for you and it’s free!






5 F


Exercise 5

1 go, friends, look, food 

2 good, environment 

3 often, collect, kind, food 

4 tasty, good, you, free

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