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UNIT 4, 4G Speaking, In a restaurant, page 48

Exercise 1

1 pepper 

2 beef 

3 pie 

4 rice 

5 cheesecake

6 chocolate


Exercise 2 

1 Are you ready to order?

2 And for your main course?

3 And what would you like, madam?

4 Would you like anything to drink?

5 The same for me.


Exercise 3 

1 Would you like some rice?

2 What would you like for dinner?

3 I would like a cup of coffee, please.

4 Where would you like to sit?

5 We would like the bill, please.


Exercise 4 LISTENING 1.27 

1 Waiter Is everything OK for you?

Man Yes, it’s fine, thanks. This chicken curry is delicious!

Waiter Good. Can I get you anything else?

Man No, I’m fine, thanks. Oh, there is one thing …

Waiter Sir?

Man Can I have some water, please?

Waiter Yes, of course, sir. One moment.

Man Thank you!

Waiter No problem.


2 Waiter Good evening.

Man Can we have a table for two, please?

Waiter Certainly, sir. Follow me.

Man Thank you.

Waiter This is your table.

Woman Thanks. It’s perfect!

Waiter Would you like to order some drinks?

Man Yes, please.

Waiter What would you like? Or would you like to see the drinks menu?

Woman I’d like to see the menu, please.

Waiter Certainly. One moment.


3 Woman Excuse me?

Waiter Yes, madam. How can I help you?

Woman Can we have the bill, please?

Waiter Certainly. One moment.

Man What a nice restaurant.

Woman Yes, I want to come here again. Ah, here’s the bill.

Man £89. That isn’t too bad.

Woman Excuse me. Does it include service?

Waiter No, it doesn’t.

Man We have to leave a tip. The waiters are very friendly here!

Woman I agree. Let’s pay a hundred.

Man OK.


Dialogue 1 takes place during a meal.

Dialogue 2 takes place before a meal.

Dialogue 3 takes place after a meal.


Exercise 5 

1 Waiter: Is everything OK for you?

   Customer: Yes, it’s fine, thanks.

2 Customer: Can I have some water, please?

   Waiter: Yes, of course, sir.

3 Customer: Can we have a table for two, please?

   Waiter: Certainly, sir. Follow me.

4 Waiter: Would you like to order some drinks?

   Customer: Yes, please.

5 Customer: Can we have the bill, please?

   Waiter: Certainly. One moment.

6 Customer: Does it include service?

   Waiter: No, it doesn’t.

Інші завдання дивись тут...

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