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UNIT 5, 5B Grammar, Comparatives, page 53

Exercise 1

1 quieter 

2 smaller 

3 friendlier 

4 more polite

5 more interesting 

6 more exciting 

7 better 

8 easier


Exercise 2 

2 Crocodiles are more dangerous than sharks.

3 Chinese is more difficult than English.

4 Friends are more important than money.

5 Twitter is newer than Facebook.

6 Brown rice is more natural than white rice.

7 6 out of 10 is worse than 14 out of 20.


Exercise 3 

1 Antarctica is bigger than Australia.

2 Mars is further from the sun than Earth.

3 Tigers are larger than cheetahs.

4 Mount Fuji isn’t higher than Mount Kilimanjaro.

5 The North Pole isn’t colder than the South Pole.

6 London is rainier than Rome.

7 Beijing is more polluted than Tokyo.

8 Gold is more expensive than silver.


Exercise 5

2 Who is funnier, Ben Stiller or Jim Carrey?

3 Which is more casual, a T-shirt or a shirt?

4 Which is worse, a broken leg or a broken arm?

5 Who is more famous, Lionel Messi or Taylor Swift?

6 Which is nicer, chocolate or cheese?

7 Which is more attractive, a flower or a butterfly?

8 Which is better, a good exam result or a nice present?

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