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UNIT 5, 5C Listening, Town or country?, page 54

Exercise 1

1 village 

2 valley 

3 hill 

4 wood 

5 field 

6 farm

7 lake 

8 traffic 

9 office block 

10 shopping centre

11 crowd 

12 street


Exercise 2 LISTENING 1.29

Jonnie The noise starts at 7.30 outside my window. I can see everyone going to work in the centre of town. It’s very busy for two hours, then it gets quieter. At five o’clock the noise gets louder again with all the cars and buses with people going home.

Ian We go there every weekend, and we usually go in a big group. We like to watch action films or comedies. We sometimes buy sweets and fizzy drinks to eat and drink during the film.

Milla It’s always busy, especially at the weekends. I like it like that. There’s always something to see or do. My friends and I go there by bus as often as possible in our free time. But it’s easy to spend too much money on shopping and pizza!




3 c


Exercise 3 LISTENING 1.30

Speaker 1 I love museums and art galleries. I like history and beautiful buildings. I’ve got a few days off work, and my plan is to go to Barcelona with a friend. I can also speak the language and I especially love the food, so I can’t wait!

Speaker 2 Look out of the window on your right and you can see a large lake between the trees and flowers of our beautiful park. In a moment on your left you can see the main street with the town hall at the end. Now, we’re going to the centre where you can see the famous library. It’s one of the oldest buildings here.

Speaker 3 Come in and through here into the garden. It’s really pretty, don’t you think? Now go through this door. Do you like it? It’s smaller than my last home, but it’s more comfortable and so much nicer. Look out of the window and you can see trees and fields. It’s a wonderful view!

Speaker 4 I really don’t like it here. It’s busy, noisy and dirty. I’d prefer to live somewhere more beautiful and more peaceful. I’d like to see open spaces and green everywhere. I’d like to see hills, woods and fields. That’s my ideal place to live.


A 3 

B – 

C 2 


E 1


Exercise 4

1 Spain 

2 town hall, library 

3 her new home

4 Because it’s busy, noisy and dirty.

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