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UNIT 5, Exam Skills Trainer 3, page 62-63

Exercise 1 

ice skating, swimming

The correct answer is B. 

A and D are incorrect because the ice rink changes into a swimming pool in the summer.


Exercise 2 



3 C


Exercise 3



Exercise 4 LISTENING 1.33 

Presenter Every year, The Economist magazine makes a list of the best cities in the world to live in. Gloria Cooke is with us today to tell us about the latest list. Gloria, what kind of cities are at the top?

Gloria Well, they’re all cities that are more or less the same size: not very big, but not very small, either. Quite a lot of people live there, but they aren’t very crowded. There are only two capital cities at the top, for example.

Presenter Which ones?

Gloria Vienna, capital of Austria, and the capital of Finland: Helsinki.

Presenter Are there any other European cities in the top ten, Gloria? 

Gloria Yes, there’s one more: Zurich in Switzerland. Zurich has the same number of points as Helsinki, so they’re both tenth. That means we’re talking about the top eleven cities here, not the top ten.

Presenter Right. So, where are the other cities in the top eleven?

Gloria We’ve got Auckland in New Zealand at number nine, and then the rest are either in Australia or Canada. Australia has four in the top eleven and Canada has three.

Presenter How interesting! So, Gloria, the moment we’ve all been waiting for: which is the best city to live in?

Gloria According to The Economist, it’s Melbourne, Australia. The study says that Melbourne has fantastic schools and excellent medical care – the city got 100 out of 100 in these two categories.

Presenter Melbourne! Nice! Gloria Cooke, thanks for joining us.


1 C 


3 A 


5 B


Exercise 5

a quantifier 

b article 

c time preposition

d question word 

e preposition in a collocation

f comparative or superlative


Exercise 6 

1 b 

2 e 




6 a 

7 e 


9 c 

10 a


Exercise 7 

1 a 

2 to 

3 by 

4 Why 

5 most 

6 lot 

7 of 

8 any

9 on 

10 few


Exercise 8 

1 Go 

2 Turn 

3 Cross 

4 Go 

5 Go 

6 Take 

7 Go

8 Go


Exercise 10 

1 the restaurant serves 

2 on the menu, there’s 

3 their uniforms are

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