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UNIT 6, 6A Vocabulary, Wild animals, page 64

Exercise 1 

1 bear 

2 dolphin 

3 bee 

4 spider 

5 shark 

6 whale

7 snake 

8 tiger 

9 monkey 

10 giraffe 

11 lion 

12 frog

13 eagle 

14 gorilla 

15 crocodile 

16 hippo

The hidden animals are: elephant, kangaroo


Exercise 2

ear 1 

legs 7 

paw 4 

tail 8 

eye 5 

mouth 2 

teeth 3

wing 6


Exercise 3 

1 dolphins, sharks, whales, snakes 

2 bees, eagles, birds

3 bees, spiders 

4 bears, tigers, monkeys, giraffes, lions, crocodiles, hippos, wolves, elephants, kangaroos


Exercise 4 LISTENING 2.02

1 I think this is a great photo of a xx. It’s standing in a river and it’s eating a salmon. It’s holding the fish in its big paws. I imagine this is in the USA or Canada, maybe – that’s where they live, isn’t it? 

2 I like this photo. You can see the xx flying high above the mountains. Its wings are really huge – about two metres, I think. It’s looking down at the ground. It’s looking for food, I guess!

3 This photo of a xx is amazing, I think – because it looks so human! It’s holding a leaf in its hand and eating it. I know they’re much bigger and stronger than humans, but it doesn’t look frightening at all. It looks very gentle, with kind eyes.

4 This is an interesting photo of a xx. Its body is yellow and black, and it’s on a flower. They work hard and I think they’re amazing.


1 a bear 

2 an eagle 

3 a gorilla 

4 a bee

Інші завдання дивись тут...