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UNIT 6, 6C Listening, Missing sounds, page 66

Exercise 1 

1 feed 

2 climb 

3 Watch 

4 Look 

5 run 

6 hold

7 leave


Exercise 2 

1 moved 

3 liked 

4 studied 

5 watched


Exercise 3 LISTENING 2.03

1 I phoned an old friend.

2 We watched TV.

3 Harry jumped into the river.

4 I usually walk to school on Fridays.

5 Sam and Mary cooked dinner.

6 The bus slowed down and stopped.


1 Past 

2 Don’t know 

3 Past 

4 Present

5 Don’t know

6 Past


Exercise 4 LISTENING 2.04

1 My friend Barry and I were in the countryside with our cameras. We like watching birds and taking photos of them. We were at the side of a river, eating a picnic. And we watched a huge bird fly down to the water. It was an eagle! We were amazed. We were so lucky! But do you know what wasn’t so lucky? We were too surprised to remember our cameras!

2 I was in the kitchen with my sister. Mum carried the shopping bags in and my sister and I helped Mum put the food away. My sister opened a bag of fruit and shouted, ‘Help! Spider! Spider!’ On the bananas, there was a huge, black spider and we were terrified. Mum closed the bag and called the vet. When the vet arrived, he explained that it was a very dangerous spider.

3 My friends and I visited the zoo last weekend. It was great fun. We walked around in the sun and looked at all the wild animals. But the funniest bit was at the monkey house. My friend Simon likes wearing caps, and a small monkey noticed Simon’s red cap. It reached a hand through the cage, quickly taking it, and then it climbed up a tree with the cap on its head! Simon needs to buy a new cap now …

4 My family and I were in the north of Scotland last summer. We stayed with our cousins for two weeks on an island in the North Sea. It’s cold there, but beautiful. On our last day we travelled by boat back to the airport. Suddenly, someone shouted, ‘I can see whales!’ We all watched as three whales moved slowly past us in the water. It was a wonderful thing to see.


1 D 

2 B 

3 C 

4 E

The extra sentence is A.


Exercise 5 

1 surprised 

2 carried 

3 closed, called 

4 last

5 funniest, at 

6 Scotland, last 

7 last, travelled, boat, airport

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