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UNIT 6, 6D Grammar, Past simple: be and can, page 67

Exercise 1

1 wasn’t 

2 were 

3 weren’t, Were 

4 Were, was

5 was 

6 was


Exercise 2 

2 Nola was in London on Wednesday.

3 Freddy and Nola weren’t in Newcastle on Tuesday.

4 Freddy was in Plymouth on Saturday and Sunday.

5 Nola wasn’t in London on Monday.

6 Freddy and Nola were in Liverpool on Friday.


Exercise 3 

2 Where were you at ten o’clock yesterday morning?

3 Where were you at three o’clock yesterday afternoon?

4 Where were you at seven o’clock on Friday evening?

5 Where were you at eleven o’clock Saturday night?


Exercise 4

2 Could Sarah swim when she was four? Yes, she could.

3 Could Mike read when he was three? No, he couldn't.

4 Could Sarah read when she was four? No, she couldn’t.

5 Could Mike and Sarah ride a bike when they were six? Yes, they could.


Exercise 5

1 weren’t

2 couldn’t 

3 were 

4 couldn’t 

5 Were

6 couldn’t 

7 Were 

8 were 

9 was 

10 could

Інші завдання дивись тут...