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UNIT 7, 7A Vocabulary, Computing, page 74

Exercise 1 

laptop, computer, tablet, monitor


1 headphones 

2 keyboard 

3 printer 

4 webcam

5 mouse 

6 speakers 

7 charger 

8 router


Exercise 2 

1 computer 

2 monitor 

3 laptop 

4 tablet


Exercise 3

A They are scanning an important document.

B He is uploading some photos.

C She is entering her contact details.

D They are downloading a song from the internet.

E She is posting a comment on Facebook.

F She is deleting photos from her tablet.


Exercise 4 LISTENING 2.06 

1 Boy Look, this is the one.

Girl Is it?

Boy Yes. It’s from his new album. You just need to click on the link.

Girl It costs nearly £10. That’s too expensive!

Boy No, it’s only 99p. £10 is for the whole album.

Girl Oh, OK. That’s fine then. I’ll click on the link.

2 Girl What are you doing?

Boy I’m sharing these pictures from the weekend.

Girl What pictures?

Boy Oh, just a few pictures from the party. I’m putting them onto my website.

Girl OK.

Boy But it’s taking a long time. The Wi-Fi connection isn’t very good.

Girl Hey! That’s a photo of me!

Boy Don’t worry. I’m not sharing that one!

Girl Oh. Why not?

3 Boy This is no good. Look – you can’t see the date at the top.

Girl Oh, OK. Let’s try again.

Boy Hold on. I’ll move it up a little bit.

Girl  Why are we doing this anyway?

Boy I need to email it to the Chinese Embassy. It’s part of my visa application.

Girl  Oh, yes.

4 Girl I don’t want that one. Or that one.

Boy Hey! What are you doing?

Girl  Don’t worry. They’re my pictures, not yours.

Boy But why are you doing that? Is the memory full on your tablet?

Girl  No, it isn’t. But I don’t want these ones.

Boy The ones with Amy in them?

Girl  That’s right.

Boy Oh, I see!

5 Boy What are you typing?

Girl  I’m not saying.

Boy Oh please. Can I see?

Girl  Oh, OK.

Boy Whose page are you looking at?

Girl  My aunt’s. She shared some new photos.

Boy ‘I love your new hairstyle. You look like a movie star.’ That’s nice.

Girl  Yes. It isn’t true – but it’s nice!


1 D 

2 B 

3 A 

4 F 

5 E

The extra sentence is C.


Exercise 5

1 click 

2 Wi-Fi 

3 email 

4 memory 

5 page

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