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UNIT 7, 7C Listening, page 76

Exercise 1



3 F 


5 I 



8 D 

9 G


Exercise 2

1 to start off with 

2 first (of all) 

3 secondly 

4 thirdly

5 now 

6 next 

7 then 

8 finally 

9 after that


Exercise 3 LISTENING 2.07

1 Girl Dan, can you help me?

Boy Sure, what’s the problem?

Girl I can’t log on to my Amazon account.

Boy OK, first enter your username and password.

Girl Yes, OK. … There. There. Look. I can’t log on. There’s an error message. My password or my username is wrong.

Boy Well, if your password is right, your username is wrong.

Girl My username is the same as my email: blueeyes@fgnet.com

Boy Ah, I see the problem. You’ve put ‘blueeye@fgnet.com’, not ‘blueeyes’. Type it again.

Girl Oh, yes, you’re right. Silly me. That’s better. Thanks!


2 Boy I hate this laptop!

Girl Why? What’s wrong?

Boy It crashes all the time and I lose my work.

Girl Have you got a back-up of your work? You should make one.

Boy No, how do I do that?

Girl Save all your documents to a DVD or to an external hard drive.

Boy I haven’t got any DVDs, or an external hard drive.

Girl I’ve got a spare DVD here. You can use it, if you like.

Boy OK. Thanks. What do I do?

Girl It’s really easy. To start off with, put the disk into the computer. Next, double-click on the disk to open it.

Boy OK. It’s open.

Girl After that, drag your folder of work to the disk.

Boy There. It says ‘copying 57 files’. … There. Finished.

Girl Good. Finally eject the disk.

Boy Brilliant. Thanks.


3 Girl Tom, this website is taking ages to load. It’s so slow.

Boy Are you using a Wi-Fi network?

Girl Yes, I am.

Boy Where is the router?

Girl In the living room.

Boy Well, first of all go into the living room. The Wi-Fi signal is stronger there.

Girl OK … mmm, it isn’t better. It’s still very slow.

Boy OK, next disconnect the router from the power source.

Girl OK. Now what?

Boy Now connect it again.

Girl OK … it’s just the same. Very slow.

Boy Is someone else in the house online?

Girl My little brother is playing computer games with his friends in his bedroom. And I think my sister is uploading videos onto YouTube.

Boy Ah, that’s probably the problem. Wait until they finish.


Dialogue 1: a first

Dialogue 2: a to start off with 

               b next 

               c after that

               d finally

Dialogue 3: a first of all  

               b next 

               c now


Exercise 4

1 a 

2 c 

3 a 


5 c 

6 a

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