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UNIT 7, 7D Grammar, page 77

Exercise 1

1 We didn’t go to the music festival.

2 Jason didn’t listen to music last night.

3 The dog didn’t eat its food.

4 Henry didn’t tidy his bedroom at the weekend.

5 I didn’t want to go to school on Friday.

6 George didn’t forget to do his homework.


Exercise 2 

1 didn’t play 

2 didn’t surf 

3 didn’t have 

4 didn’t do

5 didn’t study 

6 didn’t snow 

7 didn’t send 

8 didn’t see


Exercise 3

2 I phoned my friend. / I didn’t phone my friend.

3 I bought a magazine. / I didn’t buy a magazine.

4 I read a newspaper. / I didn’t read a newspaper.

5 I helped with the housework. / I didn’t help with the housework.

6 I took a photo. / I didn’t take a photo.


Exercise 4

1 Where did you have lunch yesterday?

2 What time did you get to school on Monday?

3 What did you have for breakfast this morning?

4 Who did you sit next to in your last English lesson?

5 How much water did you drink yesterday?

6 Did you watch television last night?

7 How did you get to school this morning?


Exercise 6 

2 Did Dan break his leg? Yes, he did.

3 Did Millie find her phone? No, she didn’t.

4 Did Jess and Oliver watch a DVD? Yes, they did.

5 Did Beth and Jamie help in the kitchen? No, they didn’t.

6 Did William buy any new clothes? No, he didn’t.

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