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UNIT 7, Exam Skills Trainer 4, page 84-85

Exercise 1

A count, maths, six 

B lunch, banana, fish 

C spelling, word, write 

D calendar, late, days 

E images, drawings, photos


Exercise 2


2 E 


4 D


Exercise 3 

A 5 

B 7 

C 6 

D 1 




H 2


Exercise 4 LISTENING 2.10

Celeste Hi, Tony. Did you have a good weekend?

Tony Yes, I did. I went to the zoo on Sunday.

Celeste Did you? Who with?

Tony My mum and dad, and my brother. My sister couldn’t come because she had to study.

Celeste Oh. Did you have a good time at the zoo?

Tony Yes, it was great! I love animals, so I really enjoyed it.

Celeste I love animals too, but I don’t like zoos! I don’t think we need them any more.

Tony Really? I don’t agree with you. I think we can learn a lot from zoos. You can see animals from all over the world – lions, tigers, elephants – it’s really interesting.

Celeste But do you have to go to a zoo to see those animals? I look on the internet when I want to see an elephant.

Tony That’s not the same as seeing them in real life.

Celeste But a zoo isn’t their real life. I prefer seeing animals in the wild.

Tony There aren’t any elephants in the wild here in the UK.

Celeste No, but you can watch programmes about elephants on TV.

Tony I love those programmes! I watch them every day.

Celeste Me too. Did you see the one about sharks yesterday?

Tony Yes, I did. It was great, wasn’t it?

Celeste I really enjoyed it. And I learned a lot too.


1 T 

2 F 

3 T 


5 F 



8 F


Exercise 5 

1 a SIM card 

2 a keyboard 

3 an email


Exercise 6 

1 B 


3 C 


5 B 



8 A 

9 A

10 C


Exercise 7 

1 Could I have a bag, please?

2 I’d like some wireless speakers, please.

3 Can I have a receipt, please?


Exercise 9

1 B 



4 E

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