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UNIT 8, 8A Vocabulary, Sports and hobbies, page 86

Exercise 1

1 ice skating 

2 climbing 

3 gymnastics 

4 surfing

5 swimming 

6 volleyball 

7 cycling 

8 football 

9 dancing 

10 yoga 

11 golf 

12 skiing 

13 ice hockey

14 table tennis 

15 karate

16 basketball


Exercise 2

1 went 

2 ’re playing 

3 did 

4 do 

5 does 

6 play

7 go 

8 played


Exercise 3 

1 basketball, football, golf, table tennis, volleyball, handball, tennis

2 ice hockey, ice skating, skiing, surfing, swimming

3 climbing, cycling, dancing, golf, gymnastics, skiing, surfing, swimming, yoga, roller skating, athletics, aerobics, skateboarding, ice skating

4 football, golf, skiing, surfing, skateboarding, tennis


Exercise 4 LISTENING 2.11

1 I really enjoy ball games. My favourite is basketball. I play that every weekend with a big group of friends in the park. And a few months ago, I started a new sport: table tennis. They taught us the rules in P.E. at school. I loved it! Now I play it at the sports centre every Wednesday.

2 I love sport, but I’m not keen on ball games. I prefer individual activities. Maybe I just don’t enjoy competing. Anyway, it’s important to be active. I do gymnastics twice a week at the local sports centre. And I do yoga at home, with my mum. We’ve got a DVD. We do it in the living room, in front of the TV!

3 I’m not a big fan of sport, but we have to do it at school. Fortunately, there’s a big choice of different sports. Last year, I chose climbing. I’m good at that, because I sometimes go with my dad at weekends. This year, I’m doing karate. I don’t really enjoy it, but I’m good at it – because I’m strong!

4 I was born in Canada. Maybe that’s why I like winter sports. I’m really good at skiing, because we go every year. And when I was five, I started ice skating. I really want to go to the Winter Olympics one year – just to watch. I’m not good enough to take part! 


1 basketball and table tennis 

2 gymnastics and yoga

3 climbing and karate 

4 skiing and ice skating


Exercise 5

1 a 

2 b 

3 f 

4 c

The extra sentences are D and E.

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