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UNIT 8, 8C Listening, Prediction, page 88

Exercise 1 

1 old 

2 book 

3 case 

4 dishwasher 

5 hair 

6 bed

7 brother 

8 message 

9 campaign


Exercise 2 LISTENING 2.12 

1 My mum works in a clothes xx.

2 I’m having a party on Friday. I hope you can xx.

3 Shall we go to a restaurant or eat at xx?

4 Liam ate an enormous pizza, but he was still xx.

5 I can’t do this calculation. I’m very bad at xx.

6 We’d like to pay. Could we please have the xx?

7 Let’s go and see the new James Bond film at the xx.


1 shop 

2 come 

3 home 

4 hungry 

5 maths

6 bill 

7 cinema


Exercise 4 LISTENING 2.13

1 I’m not going out because I’ve got a bad …

2 He’s wearing jeans and a baggy …

3 Mum went to the supermarket and …

4 We’re going to France to …

5 I want to make a cake. Have we …


Exercise 5 LISTENING 2.14

Ueli Steck is a free solo climber. He climbs mountains on his own, and without ropes! Not only that, Ueli also climbs very fast. In fact, he is the fastest climber in the world. On 28 December 2008, Ueli, who is from Switzerland, decided to try and set a new world record. He planned to climb the Grandes Jorasses face of Mont Blanc in France, in less than three hours. The 1,220 metre climb usually takes three or four days! Mont Blanc is the highest mountain in Europe, and the Grandes Jorasses face is one of the most difficult routes to the top. He trained a lot before the climb and he also lost eight kilogrammes, so that he was much lighter. The amazing thing is that he didn’t use ropes.

So a fall meant certain death. But for Ueli, there was no fear ‘I was too busy with my goal of reaching the top,’ he explained. Another danger was the weather. It is very dangerous if the weather changes and it suddenly becomes windy and rainy. But luckily, the weather stayed fine. After climbing for just 2 hours and 21 minutes, Steck arrived at the top. That’s an average of nine metres per minute! The story appeared in newspapers and on the TV all around the world. Ueli Steck is now probably the most famous free solo climber in the world! The fastest climb to the top of Mont Blanc


Exercise 6 



3 b 

4 a 

5 c

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