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UNIT 8, 8D Grammar, will, page 89

Exercise 1

2 will be 

3 will get 

4 won’t be 

5 will rise 

6 ’ll see

7 won’t leave 

8 will cost


Exercise 2

2 Will you go to university in another country? Yes, I will./ No, I won’t. 

3 Will the World Cup take place next year? Yes, it will./No, it won’t. 

4 Will you leave home before you are 20? Yes, I will./No, I won’t. 

5 Will you be rich and famous? Yes, I will./No, I won’t. 

6 Will it be warm and sunny tomorrow? Yes, it will./No, it won’t. 

7 Will you and your family go abroad next summer? Yes, we will./No, we won’t. 

8 Will there be important exams at the end of the year? Yes, there will./No, there won’t.


Exercise 3

1 It will be 

2 Will Tamara go 

3 will 

4 I’ll go

5 won’t be 

6 will you be 

7 I’ll watch 

8 I’ll see

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