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UNIT 8, 8G Speaking, Negotiating, page 92

Exercise 1

1 fancy 

2 prefer 

3 not 

4 rather 

5 would 

6 good

7 instead


A 1, 3, 6 

B 2, 4, 5, 7


Exercise 2 LISTENING 2.15

Sam Hi, Kylie. It’s Sam. Are you going to the activity camp next week?

Kylie Yes, I am. And I need to choose my activities.

Sam Me too. Why don’t we choose the same ones?

Kylie Great idea! Do you fancy playing water polo?

Sam I’d rather not. I’m not very good at swimming. I think hockey would be better.

Kylie I don’t really fancy doing that. I’d prefer to do athletics.

Sam OK. I like athletics too. What about our second activity? Would you like to try climbing?

Kylie I don’t think that’s a good idea. I’m scared of heights! Do you fancy doing judo instead?

Sam OK. Good idea!


1 I’d rather not.

2 I think (hockey) would be better.

3 I don’t really fancy doing that.

4 I’d prefer to (do athletics).

5 I don’t think that’s a good idea.

6 Do you fancy (doing judo) instead?


Exercise 3

They choose athletics and judo.

They also mention water polo, hockey and climbing.


Exercise 4 LISTENING 2.16 

1 Lily Hello, Jack.

Jack Hi, Lily.

Lily Are you choosing your activities for the camp next week?

Jack Yes, I am. Hey, let’s choose the same activities. Then we can be together.

Lily That’s a good idea. Shall we play table tennis?

Jack I don’t really fancy doing that. I play it all the time at home. I’d rather choose something else. What about athletics?

Lily I’d rather not. Athletics is too tiring!

Jack Do you think so? OK, then. What do you suggest?

Lily Why don’t we play volleyball? That’s really good fun.

Jack You’re right. Volleyball is a good choice. I’m happy with that.

Lily And what about hockey?

Jack I don’t think that’s a very good idea. I don’t really enjoy hockey. I think tennis would be better.

Lily OK, that’s fine with me.

2 Toby Hey, Maya. Let’s choose our activities for the camp.

Maya Good idea, Toby. I really want to do aerobics.

Toby Me too.

Maya Really? 

Toby Yes.

Maya Are you sure?

Toby Yes! Why are you so surprised?

Maya Oh, no reason. Now, we need to find a second activity. Do you fancy doing karate?

Toby I’d rather not. I did karate last year and I didn’t really enjoy it. What about dancing?

Maya Is that on the list?

Toby Yes, it is. Look.

Maya Oh, yes. But I don’t really fancy doing that. It’s too similar to aerobics.

Toby I suppose so.

Maya Let’s choose a sport. What about football?

Toby I don’t think that’s a very good idea. I’d prefer to play badminton.

Maya OK. I like badminton. Let’s do that.

Toby Great!


1 volleyball and tennis 

2 table tennis, athletics and hockey

3 aerobics and badminton 

4 karate, dancing and football


Exercise 5

2 Is that right? 

3 Do you think so? 

4 I suppose so.

5 I see what you mean.


Exercise 6

3, 1, 4


Exercise 7

1 too young 

2 too tired 

3 too expensive

4 too untidy 

5 too big 

6 too dark

UNIT 8, 8H Writing, An informal letter, page 93

Exercise 1

1 Sorry, it’s ages since I wrote to you. 

2 Sorry I didn’t reply sooner. 

3 Apologies for not replying sooner. 

4 Listen, did I tell you that … / about … ? 

5 Guess what! 

6 You’ll never guess what (happened …) 

7 Good news! / Bad news! 

8 By the way, did you know that … ? 

9 Oh, and another thing, … 

10 How about (+ -ing form)?

11 Maybe you / we could … 

12 Why don’t you / we … ?

13 It would be great if you could … 

14 If you like, we / you could …


Exercise 2

Extra information 3 

Date 2 

Writer’s address 1


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