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UNIT 9, 9A Vocabulary, My home, page 96

Exercise 1

1 loft

2 bedroom

3 bathroom

4 study

5 toilet

6 garage

7 kitchen

8 dining room

9 living room

10 utility room

11 hall

12 basement

13 garden


Exercise 2

1 f

2 d

3 s

4 l

5 l

6 w

7 c

8 t

9 r

10 n

11 x

12 j

13 q

14 u

15 k

16 y

17 b

18 a

19 p

20 h

21 m

22 v

23 z

24 g

25 e

26 o


Exercise 3 LISTENING 2.17 

Agent So, let’s start here. And as you can see, everything in this room is quite new.

Customer Yes. The cooker looks really modern. Is it electric?

Agent Yes, it is. Everything is electric, actually.

Customer You mean, like the fridge?

Agent Well, of course. But look. The blinds are electric too.

Customer That’s great! Er … is there a washing machine?

Agent Not in this room. But open this door, and …

Customer Oh, that’s really nice.

Agent It’s not a big room, but it’s got everything you need. There are a few cupboards, there’s a washing machine …

Customer That sink is enormous!

Agent Yes. It’s perfect for washing clothes. Shall we see the other rooms now?

Customer Yes, please.

Agent So, this is the next room. It’s got a table and chairs.

Customer The mirror on the wall is beautiful.

Agent Yes. It makes the room look larger.

Customer I can imagine having dinner in here with some friends.

Agent Yes, it’s perfect, isn’t it? And when you want to relax before or after dinner, you can bring your guests through to this other room …

Customer Oh, yes. Very nice. The sofa looks very comfortable. Er … the curtains are an unusual colour.

Agent Yes. You’ll probably want to change those. Anyway, let’s go upstairs. Follow me …

Customer Oh, yes. I love this. Very modern. That light is very attractive.

Agent Yes. And the bath and the shower are nice too.

Customer Yes. Very nice. And what’s through this door?

Agent Yes, it is. After you …

Customer Oh, this is a good size. It’s a big bed! And is there a wardrobe?

Agent Yes, there is. The wardrobe is behind the door.

Customer Oh, yes. I didn’t see it.

Agent So, what do you think?

Customer I love it. When can I move in?


1 kitchen

2 utility room

3 dining room

4 living room

5 bathroom

6 bedroom


Exercise 4

1 cooker

2 blinds

3 sink

4 mirror

5 sofa

6 curtains

7 light

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