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UNIT 9, 9B Grammar, Present perfect (affirmative), page 97

Exercise 1

1 has invited 

2 ’s moved 

3 has repaired 

4 ’ve finished

5 ’ve tidied 

6 ’ve started 

7 ’ve emailed 

8 ’s replied


Exercise 2

be was / were, been break broke, broken come came, come do did, done eat ate, eaten forget forgot, forgotten give gave, given see saw, seen speak spoke, spoken take took, taken write wrote, written


Exercise 3

1 ’s broken 

2 ’ve forgotten 

3 have come 

4 ’ve spoken

5 ’s eaten 

6 ’ve been 

7 have taken 

8 ’ve written


Exercise 4

2 ’ve just sent 

3 has just stopped 

4 ’ve just given

5 has just told 

6 ’ve just met 

7 has just made


Exercise 5

1 I’ve written about 20 emails today!

2 Our cousins have come to stay with us for the weekend.

3 The train has just arrived at the station.

4 We’ve seen that film five times.

5 My uncle has spent two weeks in hospital.

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