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UNIT 9, 9D Grammar, Present perfect (negative and interrogative), page 99

Exercise 1

1 We haven’t had breakfast.

2 Jessica hasn’t finished her homework.

3 Lily and Alfie haven’t seen that film.

4 You haven’t answered my email.

5 It hasn’t stopped snowing.

6 I haven’t done the shopping.


Exercise 2

2 I’ve already read it. 

3 He’s already emailed her.

4 They’ve already done it. 

5 She’s already phoned him.

6 I’ve already set it.


Exercise 3

3 Sophia hasn’t bought a new mobile phone yet.

4 I haven’t visited Italy yet.

5 You’ve already eaten your breakfast.

6 Mia and William have already arrived at school.

7 We haven’t listened to the news yet.

8 I’ve already phoned my friend Sam.

9 He’s already unloaded the dishwasher.


Exercise 4

2 Have Molly and Fred cleaned the bathroom yet? Yes, they have. 

3 Have you changed the beds yet? No, I haven’t. 

4 Has Mum done the washing up yet? No, she hasn’t. 

5 Has David done the washing yet? Yes, he has.

6 Has Sarah done the ironing yet? Yes, she has. 

7 Have Emily and Joe cooked dinner yet? No, they haven’t.

Інші завдання дивись тут...