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UNIT 9, 9G Speaking, Photo comparison, page 102

Exercise 1

1 bright

2 comfortable

3 cosy

4 dark

5 large

6 relaxing

7 small

8 tidy

9 uncomfortable

10 untidy


Exercise 2 

A Comparing and contrasting:

1 Both photos show …

2 In the first photo … , but in the second photo …

3 The first photos shows … , whereas the second photo shows …

4 You can see … in both photos.

B Speculating:

5 I think … probably …

6 I would say that …

7 It looks as if …

8 Perhaps he / she /it / they …

9 They look (+ adjective). He / She / It looks (+ adjective).


Exercise 3 LISTENING 2.21

Both photos show living rooms, but the rooms are quite different. Photo one shows an old-fashioned room, whereas the room in photo two is much more modern.

The room in photo one is quite small and dark, but I think it’s probably quite cosy. I can see two armchairs, a small table, a fireplace, a lamp and I think there’s a cupboard in the background.

The room in photo two is large, bright and very comfortable. I can see a sofa, chairs, a table, and pictures on the wall.

In the first photo, there are four people, but in the second photo, there’s only one. The people in photo one are drinking tea and chatting. They look quite old and their clothes are very old-fashioned. Perhaps they are all from the same family. In fact, I’d say that the older people in the armchairs are the parents of

the others. The man in photo two is sitting on a sofa, I think, and looking at a tablet. It looks as if he is reading a book. I like the room in photo two more than the one in photo one. It looks much brighter and more relaxing.


1 Both photos show …

2 In the first photo … , but in the second photo …

3 The first photos shows … , whereas the second photo shows …

5 I think … probably …

6 I would say that …

7 It looks as if …

8 Perhaps he/she/it/they …

9 They look (+ adjective).


UNIT 9, 9H Writing, A description, page 103

Exercise 1

a 2

b 3

c 1

d 1

e 2


Exercise 2 

2 We went to bed early because we were tired. / Because we were tired, we went to bed early.

3 It was a cold evening, so we stayed at home.

4 The cinema is expensive although tickets for children are cheaper.

5 The café closed because it was not very popular.


Exercise 3

1 extremely expensive

2 fairly busy

3 really popular

4 pretty large

5 very noisy

6 very modern


Exercise 4

Paragraph 1 Sentences 2 and 5

Paragraph 2 Sentences 4 and 6

Paragraph 3 Sentences 1 and 2

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