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UNIT 9, Exam Skills Trainer 5, page 106-107

Exercise 1

1 apprentice 

2 switch 

3 sheets 

4 hammock


Exercise 2

1 C 

2 D 

3 A 

4 D 

5 B


Exercise 3

a 8

b 3

c 6

e 2

e 7

f 4

g 1

h 5


Exercise 4 LISTENING 2.22

There are some great houses out there for sports fans, and some of them spend a lot of money on their hobby.

Take, for example, a basketball fan in Summerlin, Nevada. The house has got an indoor basketball court and an area for people to watch matches behind a glass wall. If his guests prefer, they can follow the action on one of the video monitors installed all over the house. He recently sold the house for more than four million dollars.

The next house is in Ankara, Turkey. The climber who lives there built a climbing wall on the side of the house. He wanted it to be higher than anything in a gym and it had to look like natural rock. An American company built it in the end, so it was very expensive.

There’s a house for sale in Castle Rock, Colorado where a famous baseball player once lived. When the player bought the land, there were plans to build 39 houses there. After he built his own house, he used the rest of the land for a full-size baseball field. It’s surrounded by a fence with trees behind it. Finally, there’s a house for sale in Updown, near London, which is perfect for sports fans who like more than one sport. The $150 million home was the most expensive house in the world when builders finished it in 2006. It has a bowling alley, two squash courts, a full gym, stables with five horses and a football pitch.


1 video monitors

2 4

3 climbing wall

4 American

5 baseball field

6 trees

7 2006

8 football


Exercise 5

1 achievement

2 Scientists

3 uncomfortable

4 information

5 colder

6 further

7 dangerous

8 accommodation

9 solution

10 homesickness


Exercise 6

1 S

2 G

3 G

4 S


Exercise 8

1 It isn’t in the city centre, but it’s quiet and peaceful.

2 I’m not lonely because my friends often visit me.

3 It’s a large flat, but it’s on the tenth floor.

4 It’s got a lot of windows, so the rooms are very bright

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