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UNIT 1, IC Speaking, Talking about ability and asking for permission, page 6

Exercise 1

Alfie She can play the guitar really well. Her voice isn’t bad.

Rose She isn’t very good. She can’t sing.


Exercise 2

Affirmative She can play the guitar really well. But I can play the piano.

Negative She can’t sing. I can’t hear the words. No, I can’t. I can’t find my money.

Interrogative Can you play the guitar like that? Can I borrow £1, please?


Exercise 3

1 can 

2 can’t 

3 can’t 

4 can 

5 can’t


Exercise 5

guitar, piano


Exercise 6

2 keyboard 

3 guitar 

4 trumpet 

5 flute 

6 drums

7 violin


Exercise 7

1 swim 

2 ride a horse 

3 dance 

4 play basketball


UNIT 1, ID Grammar, page 7

Exercise 1

Left to right, top row eraser, cupboard, pencil case, ruler

Left to right, bottom row pencil sharpener, shelf, exercise book, bin


Exercise 2

Olivia’s pencil case is at home.


Exercise 3

Have you got a pencil and an eraser? 

I’ve got a pencil, but I haven’t got an eraser. 

The pencil is on my desk. Have you got a coloured pen? No, but I’ve got some coloured pencils.


Exercise 5

1 an 

2 some 

3 an 

4 some 

5 an 

6 some

7 some 

8 some 

9 a 

10 some 

11 a 

12 a


Exercise 6

1 a, a, The, The 

2 some, The, the, the 

3 an, a, The, the

4 some, some, the 

5 a, a, some, The, the


Exercise 7

Is that your pencil case?

Інші завдання дивись тут...