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UNIT 1, 1A Vocabulary, Family, page 8-9

Exercise 1

a female aunt, daughter, granddaughter, grandmother (grandma), mother (mum), niece, sister, wife

b male brother, father (dad), grandfather (grandad), grandson, husband, nephew, son, uncle

c male or female child / children, cousin, grandchild / grandchildren, grandparent, parent


Exercise 3

2 ’s father 

3 ’s parents 

4 ’s nephew

5 ’s grandmother / grandma 

6 ’s aunts

7 ’s grandchildren 


Exercise 4

Nathan is Rosie’s husband.

Clare is Tom’s wife.

Martin is Harry’s grandfather / grandad.

Poppy, Harry and Mia are Jessica’s cousins.

Jessica is Sophie’s daughter.

Mia and Poppy are Mike’s nieces.

Liz is Harry’s aunt.

Harry is Sophie’s nephew.


Exercise 5

c brother-in-law


Exercise 6

1 Has, got 

2 Has, got 

3 Has, got 

4 Have, got

5 Has, got 

6 Have, got


Exercise 7

1 Yes, he has. 

2 No, she hasn’t. 

3 Yes, she has.

4 Yes, they have. 

5 No, she hasn’t. 

6 Yes, they have.


Exercise 8

1 a cousin 

  b husband (correct answer) 

  c brother

2 father, c

3 a niece 

  b daughter (correct answer) 

  c husband

4 a son 

  b nephew 

  c grandson (correct answer)


UNIT 1, 1B Grammar, Present simple (affirmative), page 10

Exercise 2

1 Leonard, Sheldon, Howard and Raj

2 Leonard and Sheldon


Exercise 3

1 works 

2 work


Exercise 4

is a TV comedy are scientists They work together they share a flat often visit them Penny lives opposite She works in a restaurant She likes Leonard and Sheldon they are very different comes from this contrast It’s a simple idea watch and enjoy people love shows

Some of the verbs end in -s because the subject of the sentence is the third person singular.


Exercise 5

1 watch 

2 lives 

3 work 

4 visit 

5 like


Exercise 6

1 loves 

2 works 

3 studies 


5 goes

6 meets 

7 go 


9 works 

10 watches

11 has


Exercise 8

A comes, goes, likes, lives, shares

B dances, teaches, watches

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