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UNIT 1,1G Speaking, Describing people, page 16

Exercise 1

1 wavy

2 straight, blue

3 short, glasses, moustache


Exercise 2

Tom is the boy near the left side of the photo. Brendan is the boy on the right.


Exercise 4

Dialogue 1:

1 Sally 

2 isn’t 

Dialogue 2:

3 one person 

4 is 

Dialogue 3:

5 good 



Exercise 5

1 Dan is quite short, with medium-length red hair. His T-shirt is black and he wears glasses.

2 George has got a blue jacket and black trousers. He’s got wavy fair hair and blue eyes.

3 Kate is tall, with curly dark hair. Her dress is green.


UNIT 1, 1H Writing, A personal profile, page 17

Exercise 1

  Lauren:  James:
Family n/a

a brother in Year nine, a

stepsister at university


an apartment

near the school




science, art,



films, dancing,

reading, shopping

playing the guitar,

writing songs, listening to music,

playing football and tennis, surfing

Ambition be a vet, travel be a song-writer

Exercise 2

1 Lauren and James are in Year 12.

2 Lauren’s hobbies are films, dancing, reading, shopping. James’s hobbies are playing the guitar, writing songs, listening to music, playing football and tennis, surfing.

3 Lauren’s ambition is to be a vet. James’s ambition is to be a song-writer.


Exercise 3

Lauren: friendly;

James: creative and hard-working.


Exercise 4

1 in 

2 with 

3 to 

4 to 

5 at 

6 at


Exercise 5

I’m – I am

It’s – It is

I’ve got – I have got

My name’s – My name is

She’s – She is


Exercise 6

Lauren’s paragraph contains five paragraphs. James’s contains four. Each paragraph is about one topic.


Exercise 7

Paragraph 1 Topic: family;

                Information: brothers and sisters

Paragraph 2 Topic: school;

                Information: favourite subjects

Paragraph 3 Topic: hobbies;

                Information: playing the piano, painting, running

Paragraph 4 Topic: ambition;

                Information: personality, to be a doctor


Exercise 8

My name is Oleg. I’m in Year 10. I live with my parents and grandmother. My favourite subjects are English and science. I’m keen on science because I’m interested in plants and animals. Sport is an important part of my life. I love running and I’m on the school athletics team. I love music too and I play the piano. I’m patient and hard-working. My ambition is to become a doctor. I want to do good in the world and to help people.

Інші завдання дивись тут...