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UNIT 2, 2A Vocabulary, Daily routine, page 18-19

Exercise 1

A wake up 

B have dinner 

C have breakfast 

D go to bed 

E have lunch 

F get dressed 

G arrive at school

H leave school


Exercise 2

1 wake up 

2 get dressed 

3 have breakfast

4 arrive at school 

5 have lunch 

6 leave school

7 have dinner 

8 go to bed


Exercise 3

1 quarter to nine 

2 quarter past five 

3 eleven o’clock

4 twenty-five past four 

5 five to eleven 

6 quarter past midnight / twelve


Exercise 4

2 7.45 

3 8.20 

4 12.15 

5 2.50 

6 7.30 

7 10.00 


Exercise 5

2 What time does she have breakfast? She has breakfast at quarter to eight.

3 What time does she arrive at school? She arrives at school at twenty past eight.

4 What time does she have lunch? She has lunch at quarter past twelve.

5 What time does she leave school? She leaves school at ten to three.

6 What time does she have dinner? She has dinner at half past seven.

7 What time does she go to bed? She goes to bed at ten o’clock.


Exercise 7

1 music 

2 I.C.T. 

3 P.E. (physical education) 

4 English

5 maths 

6 art and design 

7 geography 

8 French

9 chemistry 

10 economics


Exercise 10

1 I.C.T. 

2 French 

3 German 

4 Music

5 Art and design 

6 Geography


UNIT 2, 2B Grammar, have to, page 20

Exercise 2

How old do you have to be to go to the BRIT School? (interrogative)

You have to be between fourteen and nineteen years old to study at the BRIT School. (affirmative)

You also have to live in or near London. (affirmative)

Do you have to pay to study there? (interrogative)

The BRIT School is a state school so the students don’t have to pay. (negative)

Do the students have to study all the normal subjects? (interrogative)

As a state school, the BRIT School has to follow the National Curriculum. (affirmative)


Exercise 4

1 have to / don’t have to 

2 has to / doesn’t have to

3 have to / don’t have to 

4 has to / doesn’t have to

5 have to / don’t have to


Exercise 5

2 She doesn’t have to make her own breakfast.

3 She doesn’t have to walk to school.

4 She has to do P.E. at school.

5 She has to take exams.

6 She doesn’t have to stay at school after 3.15.

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