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UNIT 2, 2G Speaking, Giving advice, page 26

Exercise 3

What do you think I should do? (interrogative)

Should I tell Mrs Jones? (interrogative)

No, you shouldn’t do that. (negative)

But you should talk to Sophie. (affirmative)

You should explain that copying work is a bad idea … (affirmative)


Exercise 4

1 a should 

  b shouldn’t 

2 a shouldn’t 

  b should

3 a should 

  b shouldn’t


Exercise 5

1 tired 

2 sad 

3 embarrassed 

4 worried


Exercise 6




4 f


UNIT 2, 2H Writing, An announcement, page 27

Exercise 1



Exercise 2

Cats musical 

judo club school club 


Exercise 3

Come to our musical! Please help us … Come and see us dance! Come and hear us sing! Please bring a friend! Buy your ticket … Then come to judo club Don’t worry! Call Sarah on 0990 237789 …


Exercise 4

1 Don’t forget 

2 Put 

3 Call 

4 Visit 

5 Don’t miss

6 Bring


Exercise 5

1 sports day

2 on the school playing fields

3 Monday 7 March, 9.00–3.00

4 a great way to have fun with your classmates and do sport

5 races and competitions, delicious food, awards

6 visit school website for more details


Exercise 6

Sports day!

Come and run, jump and play on Monday 7 March, 9.00–3.00 on the school playing fields!

This is a great way to have fun with your classmates and do sport. There will be races and competitions, delicious food and awards.

Visit the school website for more details.

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