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UNIT 2, 1 Exam Skills Trainer, page 28-29

Exercise 1

1 D 

2 B 


4 E 

5 A


Exercise 2

1 (he’s homeschooled; I can get up when I want to)

2 D (I have got internet lessons on English, maths and politics.) 

3 D (Brazil, Greece, Cuba, Turkey and 24 other countries say ‘no’ to homeschooling.) 

4 B (I learn the same things. It’s just that that I learn them in a different way.)


Exercise 3

1 cupboard, ruler, shelf 

2 drums, flute, saxophone

3 cousin, daughter, niece 

4 beard, short, straight

5 get dressed, have breakfast, wake up


Exercise 4


B 3 

C 1 

D 6 


F no match 

G 4


Exercise 5

1 16 February 2000 

2 16 February 2000 

3 similar

4 no 

5 yes


Exercise 6





5 A 

6 A 


8 C 

9 C 

10 C


Exercise 7

1 problem

2 angry

3 advice

4 should

5 shouldn’t

6 should

7 Thanks


Exercise 8

A Hi. Are you OK? 

B No, actually. I’m upset. Can I ask your advice about something?

A Of course. What’s the problem? 

B My English classes are very difficult. I got a C on my test, but I want an A.

A Oh, that’s too bad. But you shouldn’t worry about it too much. You should speak to your teacher and ask him to help you. And you should study more for the next test.

B Thanks!


Exercise 9

1 E

2 B

3 F

4 C

5 A

6 D


Exercise 10


Do you want to make new friends and learn to cook?

Come and join us at cooking club!

Where: The Food Tech room

When: Every Wednesday at 3.30

Every week, we make a different dish. You will get a shopping list one week before each meeting and we will all make the same recipe.

If you have any questions, contact Mrs Bailey on extension 4211.

Інші завдання дивись тут...