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UNIT 3, 3G Speaking, Making arrangements, page 38

Exercise 1

1 play 

2 go 

3 go 

4 go 

5 have 

6 meet


Exercise 2

going swimming; going shopping; playing football


Exercise 3

There are two examples: I’m going shopping with my sister. I’m playing football.


Exercise 5

1 Saturday afternoon 

2 the ice rink 

3 have lunch

4 12.30 

5 the cinema 

6 7.45


Exercise 6

1 going 

2 come 

3 have 

4 seeing 

5 meet


Exercise 7

Agreeing to suggestions Cool. Great idea. That sounds fun. Yes, I’d love to. 

Declining suggestions I’m afraid I can’t. No, thanks. Sorry, but I’m busy. 


UNIT 3, 3H Writing, An email, page 39

Exercise 1

1 wallet 

2 sunglasses 

3 bracelet 

4 headphones


Exercise 2

1 1 thank him or her for the present; 

  2 describe what you are doing at the moment; 

  3 suggest an activity to do together; 

  4 mention a future arrangement

2 The third paragraph covers two points. 


Exercise 3

My sister loves it too, but she can’t borrow it.

I’m listening to music and trying to finish my geography project.

My brothers are playing football in the garden, so I want to go outside too!

Do you fancy going to the cinema on Saturday or meeting for a coffee?

I can’t go on Saturday because my grandparents are coming to dinner. 


Exercise 4

1 Hi 

2 I hope you’re well. 

3 That’s all from me.

4 Love for now,


Exercise 5

1 at home, studying very hard for school 

2 a wallet

3 going to England to watch Manchester United play a football match 

4 go walking or rock climbing in the mountains


Exercise 6

Hello Dave,

Thanks for your email. How are things? I’m at home studying tonight because we have got a science test tomorrow and a maths test on Friday. There’s a lot to learn, but I think I’m ready for the tests.

Thanks so much for the wallet. It’s great! I need a new wallet, so this is the perfect gift!

Do you fancy going walking or rock climbing in the mountains next weekend? I can’t go on Sunday because

I’m going to England to watch Manchester United play a football match.

That’s all from me.

Take care, Jack

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