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UNIT 4, 4C Listening, What a waste!, page 43

Exercise 1

This person is throwing away food she doesn’t want. She’s putting an egg in the rubbish bin with some old fruit and vegetables, probably because it isn’t fresh.


Exercise 2

1 food 

2 fruit 

3 shape 

4 meal 

5 rubbish bin

6 angry 

7 hungry 

8 clothes


Exercise 3

1 Where’s the bread? 

2 Can you pass me the salt?

3 Dan is in the café. 

4 His sister, Sophie, can cook.

5 What’s the name of this song? 

6 Sushi is from Japan.


Exercise 4

1 /frəm/ 

2 /ə/ 

3 /jə/ 

4 /kən/ 

5 /tə/ 

6 /ən/

7 /səm/ 

8 /fə/


Exercise 5

2 Adam gives food to homeless people.


Exercise 6

1 is a, from, in the 

2 He, from, and 

3 He, the, or, a

4 He has to, the, when it’s 

5 A lot of, are

6 They, to his, for a


Exercise 7

1 F 

2 T 

3 T 

4 T 

5 F 

6 F


UNIT 4, 4D Grammar, page 44

Exercise 1

He wants to make a carrot cake. He needs flour, carrots, sugar and eggs.


Exercise 2

How much flour have we got? How many carrots are there? There isn’t much sugar in the bowl. And we haven’t got many eggs. Look, there’s a lot of sugar in the cupboard.


Exercise 3

1 How many 

2 How much 

3 How much

4 How many 

5 How much


Exercise 5

1 a lot of 

2 many / a lot of 

3 a lot of

4 much / a lot of 

5 much / a lot of 

6 a lot of


Exercise 6

There’s a little flour in the cupboard, and there are a few carrots in the fridge.


Exercise 7

1 a little 

2 a few 

3 a few 

4 a little 

5 a few


Exercise 8

There are a lot of sandwiches.

There are a lot of crisps.

There are a few sausages. / There aren’t many sausages.

There are a few olives. / There aren’t many olives.

There are a few tomatoes. / There aren’t many tomatoes.

There are a few grapes. / There aren’t many grapes.

There’s a lot of pizza.

There’s a little cheese. / There’s not much cheese.

There are a lot of strawberries.

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