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UNIT 4, 4G Speaking, In a restaurant, page 48

Exercise 1

A young couple are sitting at a table in a restaurant or café. They are ordering some food and the waitress is writing down what they want. The man is looking at the menu.

The waitress is asking: What would you like to drink / eat?

The customers are saying: Can I have … , please?


Exercise 2

1 salad 

2 Fish and chips 

3 soup 

4 roast lamb

5 orange juice


Exercise 3

There are three examples: I’d like the salad to start, please.

I’d like the soup to start, please. Would you like anything to drink?


Exercise 5

a 1, 3 

b 2, 3 

c 4


Exercise 6

1 for two , C 

2 we see , C 

3 OK for, W

4 I’d like , C 

5 for you , W 

6 Would (you) like , W

7 Can we , C 

8 Does it , C 

9 Let’s , C


Exercise 7

orange juice


UNIT 4, 4H Writing, An invitation, page 49

Exercise 1

The photo matches invitation 3.

Invitation 2 is the formal one.


Exercise 2

Invitation 1:

  event a BBQ to celebrate a birthday

  date and time Sunday afternoon, 16 August

  place the beach

Invitation 2:

   event a New Year party

   date and time Saturday 31 January from 8 p.m.

   place 27 Stanton Road

Invitation 3:

   event a sleepover

   date and time Saturday 18 January at 6

   place Lisa’s house

Invitation 4:

   event a party to celebrate the end of exams

   date and time the end of June

   place the village hall in Greenwood


Exercise 3

1 celebrate 

2 planning 

3 join 

4 bring 

5 diary

6 hope 

7 know 

8 can 

9 make


Exercise 4

Hi Anna,

I’m (grammar) having a party at my house (spelling) on 16 February (spelling) to celebrate my birthday. I’m inviting all my friends so it should be great (spelling) fun. You don’t have to bring (vocabulary) any food or drink, but can I please borrow (vocabulary) your speakers? I’ve got a lot of music on my MP3 player but I haven’t got (grammar) any (grammar) speakers.

The (grammar) party starts at 6 p.m. but can you please take (vocabulary) the speakers a few hours before that – in the afternoon? Let me know (spelling) if you can come (vocabulary).

Take care, Sally


Exercise 5

Dear Barry,

It’s Children’s Day next week and I’m having a picnic on Saturday 20 June to celebrate. I hope you can come. It’s between 3.00 and 7.00 p.m. I’m inviting the whole class so it should be fun.

You don’t need to bring any food, but please bring a football.

Put it in your diary!

Take care, Joanne

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