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UNIT 6, 6G Speaking, Photo description, page 70

Exercise 2

Photo on the left: cloud, grass, ground, mountains, sky, sunrise, tree

Photo on the right: cloud, grass, ground, mountain, rock, sky, tree, water


Exercise 3

sunrise, ground, mountains, clouds, trees, grass


Exercise 4

2 in 

3 in 

4 on 

5 at


Exercise 5

This photo shows some people camping. In the background, I see trees and some mountains with snow on the peaks. In the foreground, on the left, there’s a car. A young woman is taking something out of the car boot. In the centre, a man and two women are putting up a tent. On the right, I can see a guitar and some camping equipment. A man is opening the guitar case. Another man is walking towards the tent.


Exercise 7

A facing (the tree) 

B lying (on the ground) 

C standing

D climbing (up) 

E walking 

F looking up 

G running

H sitting (on)


Exercise 8

Photo 1 She’s facing the sun. She’s sitting on the ground.

Photo 2 She’s standing next to the car. She’s / He’s walking. He’s sitting on a rock.


Exercise 10

Photo 1 In this photo, we can see a beautiful mountain scene. In the centre, there’s a big lake. On the left, there’s a man. He’s sitting on a rock and he’s facing the sun. I think he’s looking at the mountains in the distance. At the top of the photo, the sky is blue and there are white clouds.

Photo 2 In this photo, we can see a beautiful sunset. In the distance, there are mountains and clouds. On the left, there are some trees and a small stream. On the right, there’s an orange tent and a man. The man is sitting on the ground and looking down at the fire.


UNIT 6, 6H Writing, A postcard, page 71

Exercise 1

Photo 1 trek 

Photo 2 kayak 

Photo 3 abseil


Exercise 2

Postcard 1 trek, explore, surf

Postcard 2 kayak, abseil, cycle


Exercise 3

1 M: Vietnam; T: Canada 

2 M: in a hostel; T: at a campsite

3 M: very hot and sunny; T: OK (cold and windy yesterday, better today) 

4 M: trekked and explored; T: kayaked

5 M: surfing; T: cycling


Exercise 4

Postcard 1 (Milla) I’m having a great time. We’re staying in a hostel. We arrived three days ago. Yesterday we trekked … Tomorrow we’re travelling to the beach …

Postcard 2 (Tom) We’re staying at a campsite near a lake in Ontario. Yesterday we kayaked down a river. Today I abseiled down a cliff. Tomorrow we’re cycling to the nearest village.


Exercise 5

I’m having a great time in Vietnam.

This is my second day in Canada. The weather is very hot and sunny / OK.

I’ve only got three more days here. Wish you were here.

Say hello to Emma. See you soon.


Exercise 7

Hi Anna,

This is my third day in Scotland. We’re staying in a hostel in the mountains. The weather is quite cold, but the country

is beautiful.

The day before yesterday we went kayaking. It was scary but it was also very exciting! Then in the evening, we went to a pub with traditional music and dancing. Yesterday, we went trekking in the mountains. It was a sunny day and we saw some fantastic views.

Tomorrow, we’re going to visit my aunt and uncle in Edinburgh. We’re staying there for a week and then we’re flying back home. 

Wish you were here!

Bye for now!


Інші завдання дивись тут...