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UNIT 7,  7E Word Skills, Introduction to phrasal verbs, page 79

Exercise 2

turn on (transitive); type in (transitive); log on (intransitive); log off (intransitive); shut down (transitive)


Exercise 3

A log on 

B back up 

C scan in 

D turn down

E turn up 

F turn on 

G turn on / shut down 

H type in


back up prepare a second copy of a file, program, etc. that

you can use if the main one fails

plug in connect electrical equipment to the main supply of electricity

scan in pass light over a picture or document using a scanner in order to copy it and put it in the memory of a computer

shut down stop a machine working

turn down reduce the noise produced by a piece of equipment by moving its controls

turn off stop the flow of electricity by moving a switch, pressing a button, etc.

turn on start the flow of electricity by moving a switch, pressing a button, etc.

turn up increase the sound of a piece of equipment

type in use the keyboard to put information into a computer

break down stop working because of a fault

log off perform the actions that allow you to finish using a computer system

log on perform the actions that allow you to begin using a computer system


Exercise 4

A transitive verb has something between the two parts of the verb.


Exercise 5

1 turned down 

2 log on 

3 typed in 

4 backed up

5 shut down 

6 plug in, turn (it) on


Exercise 7

First, plug in the computer. Secondly, turn it on. Then log on. You have to type in your username and password.

Next, do your work and remember to back it up. After that, log off. Finally, shut the computer down.


UNIT 7, 7F Reading, Dancing Man, page 8-81

Exercise 1

Cyberbullying is the use of electronic communication to bully a person, typically by sending messages of an intimidating or threatening nature.


Exercise 2

The text mentions putting pictures of someone on the internet so people will laugh at them.


Exercise 3

2 b 


4 a 



7 c


Exercise 4

1 E 

2 B 


4 D


Exercise 6



3 f 

4 e 

5 b 

6 c

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