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UNIT 8,  8A Vocabulary, Sports and hobbies, page 84-85

Exercise 2

1 badminton 

2 basketball 

3 golf 

4 handball

5 karate 

6 yoga


Exercise 4

play badminton, basketball, football, golf, handball, ice hockey, table tennis, tennis, volleyball

go climbing, cycling, dancing, ice skating, roller skating, running, skateboarding, skiing, surfing, swimming

do aerobics, athletics, gymnastics, judo, karate, yoga


Exercise 5

play baseball, cricket, rugby

go bowling, sailing, snowboarding

do archery, boxing, fencing, motorcycle racing, taekwondo, weightlifting, wrestling


Exercise 7

1 A (the Olympic torch) andC (the Olympic flag) 

2 b

3 c 

4 ice hockey, ice skating, skiing 

5 a (BMX)cycling;

  b (cross country) skiing;

  c (synchronised) swimming;

  d (beach) volleyball 

6 b 

7 a (2008) Beijing;

  b (2012) London;

  c (2016) Rio de Janeiro;

  d (2020) Tokyo.


Exercise 8

1 surfing 

2 tennis 

3 ice hockey 

4 athletics


Exercise 9

a fell (irregular) 

b didn’t injure (regular) 

c didn’t win (irregular) 

d didn’t enjoy (regular) 

e scored (regular)

f didn’t lose (irregular) 

g came (irregular) 

h broke (irregular)


UNIT 8, 8B Grammar, going to, page 86

Exercise 1



Exercise 2

Affirmative I’m going to take part in a judo competition in Newcastle. I’m going to stay with my cousins, Luke and Toby. You’re going to have lots of supporters. They’re going to take part in the competition!

Negative My cousins aren’t going to support me.

Interrogative What are you going to do this weekend? Are you going to stay in a hotel? Are they going to be at the competition?


Exercise 3

1 ’m not going to do 

2 ’re going to do 

3 ’s going to buy

4 Are … going to be 

5 aren’t going to have 

6 ’m going to meet


Exercise 4

2 Olivia and Sophie are going to do (their) schoolwork.

3 Bella isn’t going to send an email. 

4 Conrad and Alex aren’t going to watch a DVD. 

5 George is going to go cycling. 

6 Poppy and Alice are going to play volleyball.


Exercise 6

2 Olivia is going to practise the piano tonight.

3 Bella is going to visit relatives next month.

4 Conrad and Alex are going to listen to music this weekend.

5 George is going to get a new bike next week.

6 Poppy and Alice are going to have a barbecue tomorrow (evening).

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