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UNIT 8,  8C Listening, Prediction, page 87

Exercise 1

In photo A, I think I can see a man in a tent. The tent is on the side of a mountain. It doesn’t look safe. The man is probably tired, so he’s resting. 

In photo B, two people are climbing a steep rock face. They’re using ropes. 

In photo C, it’s dark. A man is looking at a rock. He’s wearing a light on his head.


Exercise 2

1 They wanted to climb the Dawn Wall.

2 It’s a one thousand-metre rock face on El Capitan, a mountain in Yosemite National Park.

3 It is using ropes only for safety, not for climbing.

4 They trained for six years.

5 They attempted it at the end of 2014.


Exercise 3

2 thirsty / hot 

3 El Capitan / the mountain / the Dawn Wall / the hill 

4 the world / Yosemite / Turkey 

5 drove away / waited 

6 cash / credit card / debit card 

7 ago

8 internet / web


Exercise 4

2 really thirsty 

3 the hill 

4 the world 

5 drove to work

6 debit card 

7 before the end of term 

8 internet


Exercise 6

2 went to sleep 

3 on social media websites 

4 falling off the rock face 

5 stayed fine 

6 stop for a few days

7 arrived at the top 

8 in the world


Exercise 7

1 How long did you train for? We trained for six years.

2 When did you start to climb? We started in December.

3 How many hours did you climb each day? We climbed for about seven hours.

4 Did you get any injuries? I cut my finger badly and we had to stop for a few days.

5 Where did you sleep? We slept in our tent.

6 What was the biggest danger? The weather.


UNIT 8, 8D Grammar, will, page 88

Exercise 1

People with physical disabilities compete in the Paralympics. 


Exercise 2

1 F 

2 T 

3 F


Exercise 3

Affirmative ‘I will never forget that moment,’ she says. ‘I think I’ll probably take a short break,’ says Ellie. She’ll be a member of the British Paralympic team for years to come.

Negative She won’t stop swimming – that’s certain!

Interrogative What will she do when she finishes her course?


Exercise 4

1 won’t arrive 

2 ’ll see 

3 won’t do 

4 won’t be

5 ’ll meet 

6 Will … be, will


Exercise 5

I think I’ll probably take a short break,’ says Ellie.


Exercise 6

2 I think / I don’t think the 2028 Olympics will be in Europe.

3 I think / I don’t think I’ll go to a live sports event in the next few months.

4 I think / I don’t think Neymar will score more than 30 goals next season.

5 I think / I don’t think Andy Murray will play at Wimbledon next year.

6 I think / I don’t think Spain will win the World Cup in 2022.

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