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UNIT 9, 9E Word Skills, do, make, have, take, bring, page 101

Exercise 1

This is the bedroom of a teenage girl. The girl is sitting on her bed and using her laptop. The room is quite untidy: there are clothes, a plastic bag and other things on the floor, on the bed and on the desk.


Exercise 2

Harriet helps the most with the housework. Marvin helps the least.


Exercise 3

3 homework 

4 the washing up 

5 the cleaning

6 the shopping 

7 my best 

8 nothing 

9 the dinner

10 our beds 

11 breakfast 

12 arguments 

13 ages

14 the bus 

15 the rubbish out


Exercise 4

1 take 

2 made 

3 have 

4 do 

5 take 

6 Do

7 made 

8 have 

9 have 

10 take


Exercise 5

1 take 

2 bring 

3 bring 

4 Take 

5 bring 

6 take


UNIT 9, 9F Reading, In the middle of nowhere, page 102-103

Exercise 1

Palmerston Island is beautiful and peaceful. It’s in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, so it’s very remote. It’s a tropical island, so the ocean around it is warm. The beaches have got beautiful white sand. There are a lot of palm trees on the island.


Exercise 3

A things 

B place 

C people 

D place 

E place

F situation 

G situation


Exercise 4

1 D 


3 A 


5 G


Exercise 5

A (frozen) fish 

B (extra) 

C the families on Palmerston

D Palmerston Island 

E Rarotonga 

F (extra)

G getting a university education


Exercise 6

1 It’s dangerous because of the rocks. (These have caused hundreds of boats to sink.)

2 There are six buildings.

3 They usually receive supplies twice a year.

4 They only have access to the internet for one or two hours a day and they can’t always get a mobile phone signal.

5 The population has dropped from 300 to 62.


Exercise 7


2 a 


4 c 

5 b 

6 d

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