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UNIT 9, 9G Speaking, Photo comparison, page 104

Exercise 1

Photo 1: bed, posters, bookcase, stool, desk

Photo 2: bed, lamp, chest of drawers, rug


Exercise 2

Opposites bright – dark; comfortable – uncomfortable; large – small; tidy – untidy

Photo 1 bright, comfortable, large, relaxing, tidy

Photo 2 bright, comfortable, cosy, relaxing, small, tidy


Exercise 3

Speaker 1 follows the advice better. He gives more details and includes some description of clothing. It is also easier to follow what he is saying.


Exercise 4

Speaker 1 In the first photo …, but in the second photo …; You can see … in both photos. Both photos show …; It looks as if …; I  would say that …; Perhaps he …

Speaker 2 The first photo shows …, whereas the second photo shows …; Both photos show …; In the first photo …, but in the second photo …


UNIT 9, 9H Writing, A description, page 5

Exercise 1

Model text A matches the photo because it is a small, light, modern bedroom with a desk and chair. 


Exercise 3

Both texts: a) paragraph 2

              b) paragraph 1

              c) paragraph 3


Exercise 4

Model text A It’s a great location because it’s right in the middle of the city. The room is a bit small although it’s very light. In the living room, we have a big 3D TV, so we often lie on the sofas and watch films in the evenings.

Model text B It’s extremely cosy in the winter because we always light the fire in the living room. Your bedroom will be the one at the back of the house, so you’ll have an amazing view of the countryside. We’ve got a TV, although we don’t watch it much.


Exercise 5

1 because 

2 although 

3 so 

4 so 

5 although


Exercise 6

fairly modern a bit small / remote very light really relaxing not very expensive extremely cosy

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