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UNIT 2, 2G

Exercise 1

A sad

B angry 

C scared 

D worried 

E happy

F tired


Exercise 2

1 excited 

2 embarrassed 

3 guilty 

4 surprised

5 bored


UNIT 2, 2H

Exercise 3

1 open day 

2 musical 

3 concert 

4 jumble sale

5 parents’ evening 

6 raffle 

7 school club 

8 sports day 

9 school trip 

10 school camp 

11 play


UNIT 3, 3G

Exercise 1 

play board games, cards, chess, computer games, football, a musical instrument, tennis

go bowling, dancing, fishing, for a walk, ice-skating, rollerblading, skateboarding, swimming, to the beach, to the cinema 

have dinner in a café, lunch in a restaurant 

meet friends 

listen to music

watch DVDs, TV 

read books, magazines 


UNIT 3, 3H

Exercise 2 

A ring 

B earrings 

C purse 

D wallet

E necklace 

F gloves


Exercise 3 

1 headphones 

2 bracelet 

3 watch

4 sunglasses 

5 belt

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