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Grammar Builder 1

Exercise 1

1 dad’s cat 

2 Jack’s sister 

3 teacher’s bike

4 parents’ boat 

5 grandparents’ flat


Exercise 2 

2 I love comedy shows.

3 My best friend lives with his grandparents.

4 My dad teaches English.

5 We listen to music at home.

6 My sister goes to school by bus.

7 I enjoy school.

8 My dad studies ancient languages.


Exercise 3 

2 Tom and Ann play tennis in the garden.

3 Connor meets (his) friends after school.

4 Liam and Evie visit (their) relatives every weekend.

5 Rachel has a shower every evening.

6 Daniel skateboards in the park.


Exercise 5 

Negative I don’t work, You don’t work, He / She / It doesn’t work, We don’t work, You don’t work, They don’t work 

Interrogative Do I work?, Do you work?, Does he / she / it work?, Do we work?, Do you work?, Do they work?


Exercise 6 

1 doesn’t 

2 doesn’t 

3 don’t 

4 don’t 

5 don’t

6 doesn’t


Exercise 7 

1 Does Henry like school?

2 Do Liam and Steven visit their uncle at weekends?

3 Do you tidy your bedroom?

4 Does it rain a lot in Scotland?

5 Does Vicky ride a horse?

6 Do you and Fred speak Italian?


Exercise 8 

a 3 


c 1 



f 4


Exercise 9 

2 Does Emma live in a big house? Yes, she does.

3 Do Ed and Emma study biology at school? Yes, they do.

4 Does Emma speak Italian? No, she doesn’t.

5 Does Ed live in a big house? No, he doesn’t.

6 Do Ed and Emma like dancing? No, they don’t.


Exercise 10 

1 Do 

2 Does 

3 Do 

4 Do 

5 Do 

6 Does

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