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Grammar Builder 8

Exercise 1

2 are 

3 ’re / are 

4 are 

5 is 

6 ’m / am

7 ’s / is 

8 ’re / are


Exercise 2

2 My parents aren’t going to visit Canada.

3 We aren’t going to have dinner at home.

4 My sister and I aren’t going to do our homework together.

5 Lucas isn’t going to buy a new bike.

6 I’m not going to play video games all evening.

7 She isn’t going to make lunch for us.

8 They aren’t going to start school tomorrow.


Exercise 3

2 We aren’t going to take an exam in a few days. We’re going to take an exam this afternoon.

3 I’m not going to write a letter tonight. I’m going to send an email (tonight).

4 They aren’t going to move house tomorrow. They’re going to move house tomorrow.

5 She isn’t going to go running this evening. She’s going to do aerobics (this evening).

6 I’m not going to start university next month. I’m going to start university next year.


Exercise 4 

2 Is your best friend going to visit you tonight? Yes, he/ she is. / No, he/she isn’t.

3 Are you going to travel abroad next summer? Yes, I am. / No, I’m not.

4 Are your friends going to start university next year? Yes, they are. / No, they aren’t.

5 Are you going to take any exams next year? Yes, I am. / No, I’m not.

6 Are you and your classmates going to have maths tomorrow? Yes, we are. / No, we aren’t.


Exercise 6 

1 Josh won’t be at home this weekend.

2 I’ll phone you this evening.

3 Our next maths exam won’t be easy.

4 My dad will be 47 on 14 October.

5 I hope that I’ll be rich and famous.

6 You won’t need an umbrella today.


Exercise 7 

1 will / won’t discover 

2 will / won’t travel 

3 will / won’t speak 

4 will / won’t be 

5 will / won’t live

6 will / won’t disappear


Exercise 8 

2 Do you think you and your friends will go out on Friday evening?

3 Do you think you’ll pass all your exams?

4 Do you think your country will win the next World Cup?

5 Do you think you’ll study English at university?

6 Do you think you’ll wear jeans to school tomorrow?


Exercise 9 

1 too short 

2 too early 

3 too heavy

4 too scary 

5 too difficult 

6 too hot

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