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Grammar Builder 9

Exercise 1

1 ’ve / have travelled 

2 has started 

3 ’ve / have chatted 

4 has stopped 

5 ’ve / have worked

6 has married 

7 have lived 

8 ’ve / have visited


Exercise 2

1 ’ve / have written 

2 ’ve / have eaten 

3 has told

4 ’ve / have given 

5 has been 

6 ’ve / have made


Exercise 3 

2 Ed Sheeran has replied to my tweet. 

3 You’ve forgotten your coat. 

4 Our train has stopped between two stations. 

5 My teacher has emailed my parents. 

6 My friends have planned a great trip. 

7 We’ve seen the latest Bond film. 

8 You’ve taken a lot of photos.


Exercise 4

2 My friends have just arrived. 

3 We’ve just seen that film. 

4 They’ve just done their homework.

5 I’ve just told Tara about the party. 

6 My mum has just bought a new computer. 

7 I’ve just tidied my bedroom.


Exercise 5

1 I haven’t seen that film. 

2 Jo hasn’t forgotten Molly’s phone number. 

3 James and Emily haven’t learnt Spanish. 

4 We haven’t had breakfast.

5 You haven’t finished your project. 

6 It hasn’t stopped raining. 

7 The cat hasn’t caught a mouse.


Exercise 6

2 Have you heard the weather forecast for tomorrow? No, I haven’t.

3 Has Evie written any emails today? No, she hasn’t.

4 Have Ruby and Zack answered any questions in class today? Yes, they have.

5 Have we bought our tickets for the concert on Saturday? No, we haven’t.

6 Has Chloe posted a photo of me on her Facebook page? Yes, she has.

7 Have Aisha and Muhammad replied to your email? No, they haven’t.

8 Have you found your keys? Yes, I have.


Exercise 7

2 I’ve already done it. 

3 I’ve already watched it.

4 I’ve already apologised to him. 

5 I’ve already bought one. 

6 I’ve already done it.


Exercise 8 

3 They haven’t seen the paintings in the National Gallery yet.

4 They haven’t walked along Oxford Street yet.

5 They’ve had a meal in Chinatown.

6 They’ve bought tickets for a musical.

7 They’ve taken a ride on the London Eye.

8 They haven’t visited Buckingham Palace yet.


Exercise 9

2 Have they taken a boat trip on the Thames yet? Yes, they have.

3 Have they seen the paintings in the National Gallery yet? No, they haven’t.

4 Have they walked along Oxford Street yet? No, they haven’t.

5 Have they had a meal in Chinatown yet? Yes, they have.

6 Have they bought tickets for a musical yet? Yes, they have.

7 Have they taken a ride on the London Eye yet? Yes, they have.

8 Have they visited Buckingham Palace yet? No, they haven’t.

Інші завдання дивись тут...